Have you ever wondered, how come kids can spend so much time playing on electronic gadgets? Or how people can spend hours watching T.V.? Is there nothing better to do in life? Something more interesting, fun and challenging to the brain?

Ask many a homemaker – so that they aren’t bored with mundane work, they listen to music. Commuting from one place to another gets boring, so haven’t we seen (and done it ourselves) people with earphones, listening to music.

When a person is used to using his brain, it isn’t interesting for him to do things in which his brain isn’t needed.

I get so bored watching T.V. and doing data entry kind of work, that I can never do either alone. For that matter I have even studied for most of my life with un-intrusive music playing in the background. This is because the brain is never challenged enough.

This is the case with kids too. They are born with an inquisitive mind and their brain is like a sponge. They want to and need to know, and easily absorb everything about the world they have just entered. The way they need to satisfy their hunger, they also need to satisfy their curious mind. That’s why we see them put just about everything in their mouths trying to understand what exactly it is! And take apart all new things that they can get their hands on!

We adults are many a times too bored or busy to fulfill their thirst for learning. We give more importance to satisfying their hunger because that is vital for survival. But what about their craving to learn? By the time they are 10-11 years of age, they get so used to doing absolutely nothing and then we see them in front of the t.v. or playing with electronic gadgets.

I have successfully proved this in the past so many years.



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